While we're all focusing on social distancing, quarantining, and hanging out at home as much as possible, the one thing I've been doing more of is talking to my neighbors. We typically see each other and catch up through the fence while getting outside time from the confines of our own yards.

Another thing I've been doing a lot of is catching up on what's going on in the neighborhood via Boise Bench Dwellers on Facebook and Nextdoor.

If you haven't heard of Nextdoor, it's basically a social network for neighborhoods, based on locations. Nextdoor has now added a new, super helpful feature amid the covid-19 outbreak.

Neighbors are now able to reach out to help each other by picking up prescriptions for their neighbors stuck at home without being able to leave for whatever reason and older people who are considered at-risk, or sharing resources like computer monitors so people can successfully work from home and protective gear to stay safe.

Nextdoor has now added a map feature, so people can add details on where they are, and how they're willing to help. “It’s been quite heartening," according to an 84-year-old woman who's had to rely on neighbors for necessities. "This has been the only good side to all of this — the community reaching out.”

Think of ways you can help the people around you and pop onto Nextdoor to see if there's a need in your 'hood!

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