We're all trying to come up with creative ways to celebrate birthdays right now with COVID-19 restrictions hindering a lot of birthday and get-together plans. This creative way didn't go exactly as planned.

The Smoking Gun reports that a 19-year-old couple was trying to do something fun and creative for the girl's 19th birthday. So he did what most wouldn't do- he got his girlfriend a threesome with another woman at a La Quinta Inn.

But of course, some problems quickly came to light. She got jealous of her boo (no shame there- I wouldn't be down for it either), so she pulled him "off the other woman by his genitals and threw him to the floor," according to a police report. Ouch.

He didn't like that one so he literally kicked her off the bed, but don't worry- it only caused minor injuries.

Somehow, no one was arrested when the cops got there. They were asked to leave the La Quinta, though. Birthday party over.

What's been your worst birthday celebration? And how are you getting creative to celebrate occasions during COVID-19?

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