Last week, I let you know that the price to park in many downtown parking garages could be going up (more about that, HERE). Well, fast-forward a week and we're having the same discussion--this time, we're talking about City of Boise controlled street parking.

Changes being proposed by the City of Boise surround a parking strategy they are calling "demand-based" which is exactly how it sounds...parking to be priced based on demand. They're also considering bringing free Saturday parking to an end around the downtown core.

As someone who goes downtown Boise a LOT, be it for work, for lunch, or to workout, this certainly doesn't sound exciting. For those who usually just venture downtown for errands, the City of Boise plans to keep your first 20-minutes of metered parking free.

With rate hikes come ticket fee hikes, as well.  If your meter expires, you're looking at a $20 ticket and a time zone violation up to $25.


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