2023 is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. With all this news lately about the Supreme Court banning this, being discriminatory against that, allowing prejudice here and there, it's most certainly been...eventful.

Without getting too deep into politics here, the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land of the free here in the U.S. They're the highest court in the land, and when it comes to many many subject matters, those on the court have the final say.

For example, let's say the Supreme Court was made up of a bunch of prudes who believe that you shouldn't be bumpin' uglies with your partner until you're legally married. Could that Supreme Court, say, make it illegal for you and your partner to have sex if you aren't married?

More importantly, would that even surprise you? The fact that we're even entertaining the headline says a lot about what our thought process is about government in 2023, doesn't it?

Clearly we're exaggerating here. However, with all of the out-of-the-blue disasters that've been happening on all sides of government lately, it almost feels like this is something that could come to fruition at any time.

So, what are we, the little people, to do? We're not political experts, but we do know that it's important to vote. Like, in every election. Even the ones you can't fight about on Facebook. Those ones are important too.

Banning doin' it is one thing, but we swear, if those folks on the S.C. try to take away our favorite beverages, it's gonna be fightin' time. I mean, it's already happening here in Boise:


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