A word to the wise: If you're not from Idaho, and meet someone who is, please don't mention potatoes. We're frankly sick of it.

Don't believe us? Just check out these Christmas cards some prankster put together. They clearly do not like Idaho.

Well, some have taken the potato joke a little too far, and believe it's pretty much the only thing Idaho is famous for.

The folks at Travel2Next.com put together a list of (what they believe) Idaho is famous for. Here are the top three entries:

  • Boise
  • Potatoes
  • The name "The Gem State"

What the actual hell?

So, the entire state of Idaho is famous for its capitol city, potatoes, and a name? Give me a break.

If that's not bad enough, even some major recording artists are giving Idaho the shaft as of late. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest artists we play is skipping Boise and the entire state of Idaho on their 2024 tour.

Couldn't Idaho be known for something a little more...interesting? For example, the city of Boise is possibly pursing having its own nude beaches. That's way more exciting than talking about potatoes!

Also, mall kiosks are currently a hot topic in Idaho. Meaning, some folks want them removed from Idaho malls completely!

Or, how about the fact that Paramount+ is putting together a documentary based on the Idaho murders. Gruesome, sure, but it absolutely has people talking. Some who are excited to learn more, and others who feel like it's much, much too soon.

Inside Paramount Plus' Idaho Series

Once again, Idaho will take center stage on National Television

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