It is by FAR the largest parade to roll through Boise each year and it's one of our very favorites here at 103.5 KISS FM, too!

Every summer, we are LOUD and PROUD during Boise Pride because at 103.5 KISS FM, we believe that love is love. The message the pride delivers to our community is a powerful and inclusive one-- I'm honored to be as involved as I am.  This week, we're through parties all over town. From Humpin' Hannah's to The Ranch Club. From the Pride Festival itself to Fatty's Bar.  You won't go anywhere without seeing Keke, Kat, DJ Complex and I-- so hopefully you're ok with that. More importantly though, this is all made possible by a core of Boise Pride Fest leadership members, directors, and volunteers that help provide a fun, safe place for all of us to have a great time. Some events are 21+ and others aren't-- the most fun for the family in my opinion is this awesome parade we'll be in.

THOUSANDS gather to cheer on the message in downtown Boise each year and as always, we'll be the LOUDEST float in the parade. It couldn't be possible, however, without a really awesome local business that is going to help us take this to a whole new level!

ACT Towing, a locally owned and operated business right here in Boise is going to be helping us make some noise in the parade and we're so pumped they're joining us. These guys have some big equipment that is normally saving your car from off-road recoveries and accidents-- we'll be having a little more fun than that on Saturday. It's so obvious they go the extra mile for their customers and the community-- be on the lookout for us on Saturday morning!

This parade is fun for everyone and starts at 10:00 a.m. in downtown Boise! More on the parade, HERE.

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