Great news for local veterans has been released this week as more and more COVID-19 vaccines become available across the United States of America.

Since March of 2020, our entire society has been navigating the global pandemic that is COVID-19.  From social distancing measures to all sorts of different "lock-downs" implemented different from state to state-- measures were taken. Now, a new measure to protect us all is available: a vaccine. We had all been hoping that a vaccine would eventually be available and after months we have two options.

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, which unlike Pfizer's does not need to be stored in special freezers or coolers, is now available at the Boise VA for our veterans. In a statement released by the Boise VA, they said:

Please call your Primary Care team to schedule a time to receive your COVID19 vaccine! Vaccines will be given and scheduled to priority veterans first based on their risks associated with contracting COVID19. Veterans who are not in a high risk priority group at this time will be scheduled at a later date when more vaccines are available. The priority groups associated with COVID19 risks change often, so please call to schedule regardless of whether you believe you are in a high risk group at this time.


The State of Idaho continues to release updates on estimated timelines for vaccine distribution and we are all looking forward to these being more readily available. Ideally, concerts, gatherings, and more will all continue to slowly make a return!

For more on the Boise VA and their vaccine availability, click HERE.

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