If you're totally confused by the roll out process of the COVID-19 vaccines, you aren't alone. If you watch the national news or read it online, you will hear one thing and then locally you will hear something entirely different.  This isn't because of misinformation but rather it stems from the way it's being handled in our area.  Nationally, one profession or age group may be emphasized as a priority but locally, we may just not be there yet. Especially here in the Treasure Valley, confusion can be heightened due to the fact that half of us fall under Central District Health's jurisdiction and the other (roughly) falls under that of Southwest District Health.

If you live in Canyon County, Adams County, Gem County, Owyhee County, Payette County, or Washington County-- you are under the umbrella of Southwest District Health.

Just this week, it has been announced that Southwest District Health is taking steps, online, to make the process a little easier for you.  Anxious to get your vaccine or just tired of being constantly confused of when you even CAN request yours? Well, there's a webpage for that, now.

Southwest District Health has launched a website that anyone in their jurisdiction can use to be alerted for eligibility. The webpage provides a form that asks for some basic information (nothing too personal or that requires health information or history). Once you, per your information entered, become eligible for a vaccine--you'll be notified!  It's important to not that this doesn't SCHEDULE you for a vaccine--it just lets you know when you can go get that appointment for yours.

Access the website to get your alert, HERE.

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