There have been a total of six bets between us. 5 of them have been won by Chris. The 6th bet is the slider eating competition. Tawsha thinks she's got this one in the bag. One week later, watch to see who the real champion is. 

When the invite came in from Dickey's Barbecue Pit to take part in an eating competition. All we knew was that we weren't the only ones competing, it was going to be timed and it was for an event going all day benefiting the Special Olympics of Idaho. We're in!

I challenged Chris to the competition hoping that I would win at least one bet in our lifetime of being a show. Thinking that this was a horrible bet to make, I looked up the record for pulled pork slider-eating. I think it was something like 60-ish. Then I started turning all of the attention toward Chris to take it off of me.

Then this happened.



I was not the ultimate champion but I was the champion when it comes to the competition between Chris and myself. BOOM! It doesn't matter how I won, I won.

Chris= 5, Tawsha = 1

Until we meet again...

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