Living in the Treasure Valley, we have a unique opportunity that many citizens may not be aware of: there is an extraordinary amount of local restaurants that are hidden gems, with their own specific cultural cuisine. 

We can experience meals from a variety of countries, all within our own backyard.


Why Is This Important?


“Food is the best way to connect with any culture. A signature dish from these places has a story.” – Jose Manzanares Jr., General Manager at The Basque Market


Especially as someone who typically loves to travel and hasn’t been able to do so because of Covid-19, Manzanares Jr. believes that going to these establishments can give someone the sense of traveling during these times when that simply isn’t feasible.


What Types Of Cuisines Are There?

While the following list isn’t all-encompassing of the different cultures and countries represented in the Treasure Valley, it is certainly a good starting point, as there are nearly 50 restaurants listed. 

The different types include: Ethiopian/African, Cuban, Basque, Russian, German, French, Brazilian, Italian, Indian/Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican and Thai. It’s also worth noting that some of these restaurants may fall under more than one category, but we tried to categorize them as what they were most commonly listed as online. 

We urge you to go out and try one of these places today! You never know what new foods you may love, or what unique perspectives and life experiences your neighbors have to offer. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience different cultures without having to travel too far.

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