We had such a great time the past four days at the Village in Meridian for Cycle to Break the Cycle! I really didn't know what to expect when we showed up. I had the gist.. that people from the Treasure Valley would be riding bikes and actually powering the radio station through those bikes.

But what I experienced at Cycle was far beyond bikes. Seeing the community come out to power a message and backing something Keke is so passionate about was really inspiring. "It shouldn't hurt to be a child" has so many layers.

April is child abuse prevention month, and I didn't even know that before becoming apart of this campaign. The fact that we get to draw attention to something that's sadly so prevalent in our community and every community is really important.

On Saturday, we found out through a woman who came to the event that a couple who was riding bikes with us just last year were tragically murdered as a result of domestic violence in Meridian a few months ago.  Breaking the cycle of abuse is important for so many reasons, and this is one of them. The victim had taken all of the steps necessary to get out of a bad situation, and it still wasn't enough. We were wrecked when we realized who she was.

That's the ugly truth about child abuse, domestic violence and so many other things. You just don't know what could happen, and that's why it's so important to speak out for others who can't speak for themselves.

Thank you to everyone who came to cycle, support and share stories. We are truly inspired and encouraged that one person at a time, the cycle of abuse can be broken.

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