When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me scary stories at night about UFO's and it would always be one of my favorite things...but also one of the scariest things to go to bed to! To this day, I really have no idea what I believe. The mystery of UFO's doesn't keep me up at night. I do, however, believe that some sort of "life" exists out there...I mean, what makes us humans so special? Perhaps the mindset of superiority that humans seem to have here on Earth is what makes us think it's so crazy for there to be life elsewhere.

Regardless, scientists are working around the clock and have been for years trying to discover whether or not UFO's exist.

I recently came across this database called the National UFO Reporting Center. There's a submission form for people to report UFO sightings. There's no hard proof behind any of these...but California has the largest list with 13,626 alleged sightings!

Idaho only has 881 entries on this particular database and the most recent came in from Bonners Ferry on April 18th.

Do you believe in these things!?

Check out the database for yourself, HERE.

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