At first I was shocked...there's a potato grown JUST for fries? But after further thought, it all makes sense...of course we need a perfectly grown potato here in Idaho meant to supply the nation with some of the finest fries you'll ever eat. Ah, Idaho...the beautiful potato state.

You may recall a few weeks ago that a farm in Oakley, Idaho was giving away potatoes to anyone that would drive out and take them..there were just THAT many that were going to go to waste. Now, the Idaho Potato Commission says there are LITERALLY millions of sacks of potatoes that aren't going anywhere.

There isn't yet a clear solution on how to get "rid" of these things so they aren't a complete waste but increasing the demand for fries seems a decent place to start.

SO. It's time to go order some fries. Where are you going? Who has the best? I'm just trying to contribute to the cause here.

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