Most of us are totally fine with doing favors for a friend or family member and more than happy and willing to help someone out when they are down and out. But what happens when that family member or friend is actually taking advantage of your kindness? What do you do?!

Dear Keke and Kat:


A couple months ago a family friend hit hard times. They were going through a bad breakup and needed a place to stay. I have a spare bedroom and told him he could crash for a bit until he got a new place lined up, thinking that would be his main priority and it would only be a couple weeks, max.


Now it's been 7 weeks and we're nearing two months and he hasn't found a place yet. It's not just the time, he's also came back to my apartment drunk more than once and woke me up in his drunken stumbling. He's even brought two different girls back, without my knowledge or permission. Imagine my surprise when I'm getting ready for work and a girl is suddenly in my living room looking for her keys and purse. Awkward.


I've mentioned to him that he needs to start looking for a place. He's saying that he doesn't have enough saved for first last and deposit yet and has nowhere else to go. It's not the most comfortable situation when I have to bring it up because he says he thought he was fine staying for this long since we didn't talk time frames when he moved in.


Do I kick this guy out? It's true that I didn't give him a limit, but I assumed he'd have his stuff together by now. He's making my living situation more and more intolerable. What do I do?! Would I be rude to make him leave?

The freeloader has got to go in my opinion. Helping a friend for a few weeks is a given, but come on. Two months?! You gotta go homie.

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