They're off to a great start (the best in nearly 30 years, to be exact), they're selling out Taco Bell Arena against conference foes, they've got undefeated at home here in Boise...yet somehow, they're still just an "on the bubble" team.

I'm talking about Boise State Men's Basketball--a program typically over shadowed by the football team on campus. This year, the team under the leadership of coach Leon Rice has come out firing strong and with a record of 18-4 sitting alone at second place in the Mountain West Conference--they're a team that is beginning to prove that this season, they belong among the elite.

Here's the catch--it seems the "experts" are still a little skeptical.

In March Madness terminology, an "on the bubble" team is one that may or may not make the big dance that is March Madness. The only guaranteed path to the tournament for Boise State is a conference championship.

It seems to be a tossup among ESPN's experts, for now. Some have Boise State as one of the last 4 teams to make in into the pool of 68. Some don't have the Broncos in it at all.

All they need to do now is: KEEP WINNING.

See what Coach Leon Rice is willing to do for Bronco Nation this weekend IF Taco Bell Arena sells out, by clicking HERE.

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