We could give you yet another article about how gas prices in Idaho (and the country) continue to rise. We get it. Gasoline is currently sitting at just below $5.00 a gallon, and we're all freaking out. It feels like prices will never go back down, and we're all destined to ride Razor scooters to work for the rest of our lives.

Isn't anyone going to do something to help us? Nothing's confirmed yet, but some Idaho lawmakers are giving it a shot.

“I sit close enough to the counter that I can hear what people are talking about at the counter. And this week and last week, it's gas. Gas prices and how much it costs to fill up that gas.

That's from Idaho Rep. James Ruchti, who is teaming up with other Democrats to put together a proposition for Idaho Governor Brad Little that they're hoping could alleviate financial stress at the pump.

Their idea? To put a temporary hold on Idaho's gas tax. Yes, you are reading that correctly, Idaho has a pretty hefty tax on gasoline. It's currently $.32 cents a gallon. That may not seem like much, but if you bust out your trusty TI-82 calculator, you'll see that the cost quickly adds up.

The unfortunate news is, if this idea comes to fruition, it'll take months before we see any actual action take place. Ruchti continues:

Might take us about three months to figure out how to actually get everything in place before it's implemented. But that's the idea, every time you go fill up a gallon of gas, you're going to save $0.32.

Fingers crossed they can do something. These gas prices are really cutting into our NFT budget.

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Seriously though, enough is enough.

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