Here's my disclaimer: I dug through a lot of our photos here at the radio station and couldn't pick just ONE to feature for this 'National Best Friends Day' business, so I picked an oldie but a goodie. I wish I could include more.

That said, yes-- I'm totally a day late to National Best Friends Day but I'm hoping you're  a better friend than I am. Whether you sent your homie a funny gif, a stupid picture, and a really mushy note about how glad you are that they're your bestie-- it's all super important.  I've always been the type of friend to send stupid things to my friend--or say something mean--it's how I express my approval of you!

Years ago when I was studying at Gonzaga University, a staff member there and I were really close--he was one of those guys you talk about really deep things with-- intellectual ideas and spirituality. I'll never forget when he asked me if I had friends. Of course, I scoffed. As you grow older, though, you learn there's a lot more to friendship than just hanging out. It took a few years but now I get why he asked me that.

A huge shout out to all of my best friends. I'm lucky to have friends across the country, some really cool colleagues (shout out to Kat for getting Pho with me today on a HOT summer day--you're a real one), and a massive thanks to so many of you who call in regularly and put up with my craziness on the radio. Friends keep us blessed.

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