I post up about voting a lot and no matter where my political preferences are, it's not just because I have some sort of an agenda to push. Voting is a cornerstone to our society and I truly believe that--which is why the importance of actually doing it is so important to me.

Whether you were born here in the United State and know nothing else, like me, or you came to this country from someplace else seeking a new (and possibly better) home for yourself (and possibly family as well), having the right to vote is a DUTY. It's a duty that millions across the globe wish they had. Imagine living someplace where you feared for your safety. Wondered if your loved ones were safe. All because free thought and your voice simply didn't matter. This is a real thing that happens right now in nations all over the world-- their voice doesn't matter and there's nothing they can do about it. It's a scary thought for us in the United States.

I noticed last week that several of my friends on various social media platforms were posting up about registering to vote. While I appreciated that, I had no idea that Tuesday was officially National Register To Vote Day.  Did you partake? If you didn't--there's still plenty of time. We have local elections coming up right here in the Treasure Valley in just over a month and what better way to be heard!?

Registering to vote has NEVER been easier and here in Idaho, you can do it online!

For more, just click HERE.

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