For some truly odd reason beyond this writer, people are very much divided over electric vehicles. Some see them as the future of transportation, while others believe they're a fad that won't last thru the decade.

Either way, electric vehicles are here, people are driving them in droves, and it doesn't appear they'll be going away anytime soon.

Should you get an electric vehicle? Would it benefit you at all? As someone who's driven an electric vehicle for a few years now (a 2016 Chevy Volt, to be precise), let's walk through a few advantages that this humble article scribe has discovered since switching from gas to electric.


It's So Smooth

You'll never experience a smoother drive than being behind the wheel of an electric vehicle. There's no engine rumble nor engine noise, so it's just you and the open road, cowboy.


Conversation Starters

Everyone wants to know what it's like to drive and own an electric vehicle, so be ready for that when you sign on the dotted line!


No Gas Smell

Sure, some of us actually like the smell of gasoline. For the rest of the world, worry not, you'll never have those weird vapors hitting your face again after driving electric.


Charge At Home

Most (not all) electric vehicles can be charged right in your garage, all without making any modifications to your outlet or electrical system. It really is super convenient.



On average, electric cars have a lot fewer maintenance costs than traditional vehicles. Electric engines are pretty straightforward, and many electric vehicles even use regenerative braking, so you're not touching your brakes nearly as much. Saves you a bunch.


Of course, some will balk "BUT WHAT HAPPUNS WHEN YEW RUN OUT OF CHARGE?!" or "WUT ABOUT WHEN DA BATTERY DIEZ!?" Yes, if you don't plug in your electric car, it won't go. Duh. As far as battery replacement, so far, that's extremely rare in electric vehicles.

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