Group Therapy Thursday: I compliment my boyfriend after we get down and he says nothing in return. I'll even sit there and wait for it and still nothing. Am I being too sensitive? 

We'll call her Raven (changing names to protect the innocent). Raven wrote to us for Group Therapy Thursday and this is the whole story:

My boyfriend never compliments me after we have sex. I almost always say at least one nice thing about how good it was or how much I love him or how perfect our sex is, and I mean it, but he never says much besides thanks or that he loves me too. I'm not saying it to boost his ego or suck up to him or something weird like that, I genuinely feel whatever it is I'm saying and want to tell him because I think it'll make him feel good. I've asked him why he doesn't and if there's something I'm doing he doesn't like, but he says he's just always tired and that it's fine. Am I just being too sensitive?




We are talking about it tomorrow morning for Group Therapy Thursday but you can comment here and let us know what you think.

Since we're all in the same headspace right now, I found a list of things NOT to do from a website called Love from Ana. They claim to have the steps to a perfect relationship.


  1. Asking how it was for him
  2. Comparing
  3. Getting immediately on with your life
  4. Distancing yourself
  5. Washing him away
  6. Brushing your teeth
  7. Crying
  8. Falling asleep
  9. Declaring your love (good god this is a bad idea)
  10. Asking for a commitment (almost worse than the love declaration)

See the whole list with a detailed explanation as to why you shouldn't do these things HERE.



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