As Idaho’s largest city, Boise is growing at extremely fast rates, and that must mean the economy of Boise is becoming even more of a boost for all of Idaho — this has me wondering, what is the number one driver of that? What is the number one industry in all of Boise?

According to Data USA, the economy of Boise employs approximately 369K people, and those numbers were as of 2019 — so we can only imagine what they are now, as Boise has absolutely skyrocketed over the last few years and throughout the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic — everyone is moving here it seems like.

City Town Info says...

“Boise is the region's primary economic center. The city is home to the headquarters of a number of major firms,” and they go on to mention that the high-tech, manufacturing, and call center industries are all industries becoming increasingly more important in Boise, too.

So, which industry in Boise is the leader? What is the #1 Industry in Boise?

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