Culture, tradition, and synergy are all necessary things for any company, team, or group with a common goal in mind. Everyone wants to WIN--no matter what that means in their respective context. But how bad and how does a team get there? These are the things that Boise State and their football program are navigating right now as the hunt for a new head coach continues.

Have you ever worked someplace that could never let go of the past? You're constantly surrounded by references to "the good 'ol days" and it's nearly impossible to mesh as the new person because you're the outsider. You simply don't get the references and will never be that man or woman that "used to" be so great. It can be toxic. Then again--there's an appeal to tradition which brings about a fine line--you DO want someone that understands what it takes to keep things going.

Is Boise State and their football program really that hot right now? Sure, the team always ends with a solid record and a bowl game but I don't believe that this program is what it once was under Chris Petersen. Look at the AAC-- they have SEVERAL teams contending. The Mountain West has Boise State, sometimes...maybe.  Winning is one thing, being THE mid major is another. Boise State isn't that anymore.

Read the blogs, tweets, and articles and you'll sense a real disconnect. Boise State should hire someone that KNOWS the program. Others say it needs new blood. I want to know what you think? Is the comfortable choice the complacent choice or is knowing what makes "the blue" so special historically, the move?

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