Hear us out. This could actually be a good idea.

We get that when you bring up the subject of "nude beaches" to someone, it can be a little shocking and even a little off-putting at first. Not because you're necessarily offended, but because it's not something you hear about every day. Also, most folks don't have it in them to attend a public nude beach and "abide by the rules."

So, would a nude beach be good for Boise? Absolutely not.

It'd be great!

At least, we think so. Think of all the tourism dollars it'd bring in. All the headlines. Heck, maybe some super famous celebrities might even come to check out Boise's (future) world-famous nude beach, where all the hot naked people hang out!

Maybe you think it's gross, or you're revolted. Try to suppress those thoughts for one moment. Let's see if the photos below make you change your tune at all:

Boise Wants A Nude Beach. You Want A Nude Beach In Boise.

Let's see if we can't convince you how great it'd be if Boise had her very own public nude beach!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

So, what do you think? Do we need to build a nude beach in Boise starting yesterday so we as a city can reap all the benefits of this sexy tourist attraction? Or are we icking your yum with the thought of seeing your neighbors' full butts out for everyone to see?

Let's connect and get your take. Just make sure to look us in the eyes, please.


If the nude beach doesn't come to fruition, at least we're getting a new spot to shop while we daydream about being naked with the sand getting stuck in body folds we didn't know we had.

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