Soldiers, at the ready! It's time to go to war.

That's right. We're finally going to settle the debate that's been around longer than potato jokes about Idaho: When it comes to the Gem State, do Idahoans love cats or dogs more?

Well, guess what? We absolutely did our research, we discovered a decisive answer, and we honestly can't believe what we're about to tell you.

(Edit: If you're a pet owner, you may want to check out the below before you continue reading)

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Buckle up, because this is about to get messy.

According to recent statistics, 69.9% (nice) of households in Idaho own at least one pet. That's really good news for Idaho, because that makes us one of the most pet-loving states in the entire country! Now, that didn't specify if those pets are simply cats and dogs, or more exotic pets like snakes, sugar gliders, and other animals that you usually only see on TikTok. So, a lot of people in Idaho have a pet in the home. So, are there more dogs or cats in those homes?

  • 33.3% of households in Idaho own a dog
  • 3.4.4% of households in Idaho own a cat

There you have it. We couldn't believe it either.

People in Idaho like cats...more than dogs? Yes, yes they do.

In California, there are almost twice as many dog owners as cat owners, and it's a similar situation in Oregon as well. So, why do Idahoans prefer cats to dogs? Your guess is as good as ours.

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