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I had no ideas this was a thing. The only yoga style activity our weenie dog gets is when he won't let go of Lennox's toys or my wife's panties 🐶Looks like this is a thing and there's an event.

Meridian Canine Rescue is hosting their first dog yoga class and both of you are invited! Wait, what is doggy yoga? This is a yoga class where you incorporate adoptable Meridian Canine Rescue pups into your routine. Keep your pups at home.

The posting specifically states,

"our dogs have perfected two yoga movies: downward dog and shavasana. Let them show off for you!"

The class lasts for an hour, beginners are welcome and you're responsible to bring the following:

  • mat
  • towel
  • water
  • $20 donation suggested for the class.

The class will be instructed by Becky from Yoga for Life! Make sure to RSVP before the class fills up. Follow this LINK to get more information.

Meridian Canine Rescue
Meridian Canine Rescue is the largest no-kill canine rescue in the Idaho Treasure Valley and 100% funded by community donations. I love their positioning statement, "Because no dog should walk alone."
Get more information about Meridian Canine Rescue here.
I found this link that could give you an example of dog yoga. My weenie dog has some work to do!

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