As Idaho is about a week away from our next stage of reopening, you may be wondering how long it could take until there's a cure or vaccine. We may not have that yet, but it looks like there's a new form of finding out if you have the virus in the works.

Researchers in England and the United States are training dogs to essentially sniff out COVID-19 in humans.

"The aim is that dogs will be able to screen anyone, including those who are asymptomatic, and tell us whether they need to be tested," the CEO of Medical Detection Dogs said.

It may seem kind of odd, but remember that dogs have been trained to detect a ton of different medical conditions over the years like malaria and even certain types of cancer. Remember too that it's pretty normal to see drug-sniffing dogs go through TSA lines at the airport. Ahhh, TSA lines and airports, remember being in those? Can't wait to do that again.

So how does that factor into our current pandemic? Specialty "bio-detection" dogs are known to accurately pick up unique scent signatures and traces of a volatile organic compound associated with diseases in humans.

Once again, dogs are here to save us. We do not deserve them.

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