Going to the gym, or depending on who you are- even going outside, is somewhat out of the question currently, but a new study finds you can cut your risk of early death in half even if you just walk around house.

The study showed that "for every additional 4,000 steps someone takes in a day, even if it’s just ambling around the block or across the room, his or her risk of dying early from heart disease, cancer or any other cause drops by 50 percent or more," according to The New York Times.

People who averaged 8,000 daily steps were about half as likely to die from heart disease, cancer or any other cause as people taking 4,000 daily steps or less. Those who took at least 12,000 daily steps were 65 percent less likely to have passed away than those in the 4,000-or-less group.

So while you're stuck at home, don't forget to get up from your desk from time to time to at least walk around your space if you don't feel comfortable going outside to take an isolate walk around the block.

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