The last 24 hours have not been kind to President Trump when it comes to Twitter but when my name is in a Trump tweet, I'm now goals. It's so easy to get him to tweet you and I can tell you exactly how. 

Regardless of your opinions of the man, I think we can all agree this has been the most active, polarizing, shocking and confusing first 100 days of any president - at least in recent history.

The latest news we're hearing is that Ivanka, Donald's daughter, will have a new workspace in the White House. She won't be working as an official government employee but she will be working in an unofficial capacity as an adviser to the president. She will get security clearance to access classified information and government-issued communications devices. Ivanka's office will be on the West Wing's second floor.

We may not share all the same opinions but what we do share is how important it is to be authentic? Too much of a stretch?

Trump Tweet


Did President Trump tweet you?

Confession: He never actually tweeted me and he doesn't think I'm anywhere near a patriot or authentic because he has no idea who I am. I found this President Trump tweet generator and have been showing everyone.

Get Donald to tweet you in a positive way or a little something like this...

overrated clown


See President Trump tweet you HERE.
Celebrity status now is being followed, mentioned, retweeted or even liked on Twitter by someone with some sort of notoriety. Do you have someone famous following you? I'd share it with the world.

KTVB's Maggie O'Mara had a legit occurrence by one of the most recognizable names. Also, I just watched Moana so I'm all heart eyes over this tweet.

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