Why have we been talking about taking 💩so much lately? This is not my favorite conversation and what do we need to discuss? I'm only bringing this story up now because we had a moment with my wife heading out of town.

My co-host loves to talk about her bathroom schedule and prides herself on the number of times she enters the stall. Interesting. What do you do if the stalls are closed during COVID-19?

Bonners Ferry is making it official with a hefty misdemeanor fine if you go to the bathroom outside in public. I always thought doing your business in public would get you a fine, but what if they're closed due to COVID-19? Well, if you gotta go...you just go? Evidently this is an issue and that's why it's going public for the city to know. Stop pooping and peeing in public 🚔

KTVB actually did a great story on this which caught my attention. We've been discussing funny stories on-air and what are you supposed to do if you can poo? I think you're okay if things are open obviously but just plan. My wife had to go in her car with the kids strapped in car seats. That just happened and there was nothing she could do because things were closed, no masks, and just the obvious.

I'll keep you posted if something changes at home but in the meantime, I would keep an eye on your 💩cycle 😂

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