I remember it like it was yesterday: driving into downtown Boise as DROVES of fans flocked to the courtyard outside of Century Link Arena to see Travis Scott.  At the time, the opening act was a young guy with a song that I thought might just turn into a big hit. He went by Khalid. I've been to a ton of concerts in my life-- even right here in the Treasure Valley, but I had never seen one garner THAT kind of crowd at Century Link Arena. The energy was high and the show was amazing.

Of course, these weren't the only things that happened here at Century Link Arena. Countless Idaho Steelhead games, really fun (and wow, I miss them) Idaho Stampede Games, college basketball and more.

The good news, as I reflect is that this arena is going nowhere. We're just going to have to get used to giving it a new name.

Places like this hold memories for us and getting out of the habit of calling them old names is tough. I still hear "The Big Easy" references around town all of the time. Shouts to you, if you know what that means...

Formerly known as Century Link Arena, the downtown Boise staple is now to be called Idaho Central Arena. 

A member of Idaho Central Credit Union myself, I'm kind of loving the local name on the arena instead of a national brand. It's going to be a tough adjustment, though.


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