Your dream life could be an indication as to what's going on (or what should be going on) in your waking life. Do you want to know what it means? Each week they are interpreted. What dream have you had? 

Call in (or comment) describing your dream. Give the details and outline how you see it play in your mind and I will tell you what your mind is telling you.

It's actually making sense to people. I don't know how but I know that I'll go on tour. Someday.

Sarah: I was running away from a man who was trying to harm me. Every time he would try to grab me, I would wake up.

Tawsha: You may be feeling vulnerable in a situation where your character is being questioned. You're finding it difficult to change.


Theresa: I am being flung through the air on a rollercoaster (off the tracks) or I'm in the car and I drive off a cliff and am flying.

Tawsha: The rollercoaster and car represents what you're needing to face. You aren't getting support, though. You don't have a support system. You need someone to say "I'm here for you." However, the situation has been brought on by yourself.


Sarah G.: I was in my childhood home and when I would come out of my room, I would see a tyrannosaurus rex who is eating all of her friends and neighbors. Just before it bites me, I wake up.

Tawsha: You have an outdated attitude. You have an old way of thinking. Those old issues you're dealing with have to be fixed before you change your way of thinking.

100% of people who have written in or called in have found the dream interpretation to apply to their life or what they had been going through at that time. I don't take credit for it, I just hope that what I know to be true speaks to anyone having confusing dreams.

Do you have a dream you need interpreted?

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