Quickly how having a child changes your Easter memories. For instance, This was our Easter pre-party with Woody and Buzz lightyear.


You learn really quick the things you used to understand about life make no sense anymore. That's what having a son has done for me personally. For instance, this was our Easter preliminary kick-off party with mommy, daddy, Lennox, Woody, Buzz, Catboy, and Gecko.

If I went back in time prior to Lennox you might hear me planning a bunny party at a club. That's a true story. This is who I was and how quickly your thought process changes. I still think of the themed nights for 103.5 Kissfm without a doubt. I more plan those nights and focus more on getting home to color Easter eggs. My life has changed for the better. I've become much smarter, more understanding, and I fully comprehend the difference between work and home. I'm not the best at distributing the time between everyone, but I do understand.

This was our little family party on Friday before the weekend began. My wife and son waited patiently for me to finish that Secret Sound around 6:15 p.m. We had no winner, nothing at 7 p.m.,  and I headed home for family time. Sidenote: Jackpot is at $2000 + trip to Vegas with Bruno Mars. Can you say, INSANE! Get all those details right HERE!

Here's our Friday night fun with our little family. Have the most blessed weekend and make time to color those eggs!


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