It caused madness all over the internet when it was announced as true. A Breaking Bad movie would be hitting Netflix and while super fans like myself all hoped that rumors of the filming were true--little did we know: the movie was DONE.

Aaron Paul, a Treasure Valley native turned household name announced on Twitter, as we told you last week, that Boise would be home to the very first screening of 'El Camino', the Breaking Bad movie that Netflix announced just weeks before. Now, we have a date: Tuesday, October 8th. This screening which is set to be held at The Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise, will give just a handful of Breaking Bad's biggest fans access to one of the most anticipated Netflix Originals (or arguably movies) of the entire year three days early.

We want you to be on that guest list. We want to see YOU on the red carpet.

Oh...and we're your only way in.

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Feeling lucky? We want you to have a chance to win on your screens, too. Enter below for a pair of tickets to one of the largest screenings of the year.


Did you see Netfliz release a new commercial for the movie? Check that out below:

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