Alright, Treasure Valley--it's time we get honest with ourselves. We are so spoiled with the typical Treasure Valley conditions-- four distinct seasons, an overall sense of kindness, and literally NO natural disasters (we recovered from that earthquake about a year ago, right?), that we can't help but complain when any of us experience a little challenge.

Sure, we can call this heatwave a challenge...right? To say the least.

Over the past few weeks, we've been experiencing some record-breaking heat and the streak of heat continues--with no end in the near future, in sight. But what does this mean for the winter? Does it mean anything at all?

Experts are saying buckle up--this pendulum may be swinging the other way, too.

We give weather forecasters a hard time because of their "batting average", if you will--but believe it or not there are some forecasters with an even more challenging job: predicting the LONG RANGE forecast.

Recently launched by these long-range forecasters was a "watch" for La Nina, a weather term which defines a climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean. With La Nina is present, the odds of a COLDER and WETTER winter are more favorable.

If you like the snow, this could be great news for you, as La Nina winters often mean higher than average snowfall and if you're around the mountains like we are here in the Treasure Valley, we'll be seeing that more than most.

So, yes--we're melting right now but this may not be the case for long. If you're interested in the science of things, there's a pretty great read on the "watch" that has been issued, HERE.


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