Who are you cheering for next Sunday? New England? Los Angeles? Maroon 5?

If you're undecided because you have no dog in the fight, Buffalo Wild Wings is uniting America by giving them one thing to cheer for on February 3 - for the game to go into overtime! If it does, they'll give away a free snack size order of traditional or boneless wings to everyone in America!

You have to admit, this NFL season has seen a pretty wild number of overtime games - 15 to be exact.  Last weekend was the first time in NFL history that both the AFC and NFC title games both went in to overtime, keeping even those who didn't have a team in the game on the edge of their seat! Normally overtime football gives me an anxiety attack (probably because my team was in four OT games this year) but if it means FREE food for me? I'm all about it!

FYI...if the game DOES go into overtime next Sunday, you won't have to be at a Buffalo Wild Wings that night to enjoy your free wings.  They'll only be serving the FREE wings at Treasure Valley Buffalo Wild Wings locations on February 18 from 4-7 p.m.

Even if you're not a big football fan, you have to admit it sure would be nice to get out of making dinner on a Monday night, right?

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