Tax return check

Americans all across the country have received their $1,200 stimulus money by now via direct deposit. However, with the deadline behind us for registering your direct deposit information--if you haven't received your check yet, odds are you'll be looking forward to a paper check or pre-paid debit card.

A lot of people have been wondering if the debit cards are legit. These days, it's so common to get SEVERAL fake credit or debit cards in the mail containing "special offers" for you from major and even less-than-reputable banks. More times than not, I'm able to immediately identify these things and take them straight to the shredder. The IRS, however, is warning Americans still expecting their stimulus money to really examine the mail before they go assuming. This is because the envelope your money is coming in might look like spam.

The white unmarked envelopes containing federal government issued pre-paid debit cards are going to look suspect to a trained eye. Reality is, there's nothing "scammy" about them. It's actually your stimulus cash.

According to the IRS, the white envelope will read "Money Network Cardholder Services" and on the back of the enclosed card, you'll see it was issued by "MetaBank" and be labeled as an "Economic Impact Payment Card".  See all of these things? This card is legit.

As always, it's good to check your status, HERE.


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