There are so, so many reasons we don't need to be worrying about rising gas prices in Boise:

  • Housing costs are through the roof
  • The job market isn't ideal
  • Traffic continues to increase

It appears as if the gods of gas didn't hear our prayers, and are disregarding our skinny legend wallets.

We'll get right to the point: Some experts are saying we could see gasoline hit $4/gallon as early as this week in Boise. AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde:

For two weeks, the state average has followed a pattern – a four or five-cent jump early in the week and then a lull that lasts for several days.


Fuel demand and crude oil prices are extremely fickle right now, so there could be a bit of a teeter-totter effect at the pump in the short term.  But higher prices are on the horizon.


It's not like it's great news, right?

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As of the writing of this article (May 9th, 2023), gas prices currently sit at $3.90 in Boise. Are we going to see $4 at the pump before the weekend? Time will tell.

Be safe out there. We always notice drivers' tempers get significantly shorter when gas prices rise. Let's be kind to each other, because we all hate paying $4 for gas, right?


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