Idaho has been experiencing the absolute craziest weather these days.

Relentless rain storms and colder temperatures have been bringing high winds, hail storms and flooding all over the state.



Although this is unprecedented and unusual for this time of the year, experts have given some very positive things to say about this phenomenon…

But they have also given some warnings for locals to be aware of. 


Positives: Drought in Idaho

The low snowpack on the mountains this year has been a major source of concern, particularly for farmers, crops and irrigation. 

However, the increased rainfall in recent months has been incredible for the drought in Idaho.

Although the low snowpack is still extremely worrisome and is expected to create concerns in the dry summer months, experts say this extra precipitation as of late is very encouraging, 

The cooler temperatures, along with the increased rainfall, has significantly improved this issue.


Warnings: Higher Water Flows

Along these same lines, the water flow in the Boise River increased on Monday, June 13, because of the recent excess rainfall as well. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation increased levels from 1,250 to 2,750 cubic feet per second (cfs) through the City of Boise.

They did this to make sure that the reservoir systems do not fill up too quickly with the melting of the snow packs and the extra precipitation. 


However, they also advised citizens to be aware of the added dangers this could inflict with the increased flows:

“The water is deep, cold and fast. Extreme caution should be used near the riverbanks.”

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