This is like Bitmoji all over again. Facebook just launched its version of Bitmoji which is simply called, "Avatar." My wife will go back and forth with her family with no words. Just Bitmojis for hours and all I hear is laughing in the background.

You can now expect more of those funny messages on Facebook. I feel like I got into it with the new stuff on the iPhone when they did Animoji. I promised that only lasted a few days for me but I still bring it out to make the kids laugh a bit.

So, how do you get these new Facebook Avatar Emojis? Actually, it took me seconds and boom! I was younger all over again 😀This just takes a few seconds and I'll post them below.

Step 1: Open your Facebook App and click on the lower right 3 dashes.

Step 2: Click on Avatar

Step 3: Start building your Avatar. Simple.

You could get a more in-depth look at ADWEEK. Oh, Here's what my Facebook friends are saying.

Facebook Avatar


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