You've probably seen a ton of your friends posting their 'then and now' pictures on Facebook. Side by side comparisons of what they looked like in 2009 vs now. But the more you think about it.. could this challenge be apart of a bigger picture?

It all started with a viral tweet from Wired writer Kate O'Neill:

This tweet got a lot of people talking and thinking and turned into a whole article about what the Facebook '10 year challenge' could actually be capable of doing. Facial recognition used for databases to potentially track and predict aging and what we may look like in the future.

Now I'm not sure where I stand on this.. but I definitely did not partake in the challenge. Read the Wired article here for yourself and let me know what you think! We'll also be discussing tomorrow morning with our digital guy Daniel.

What's your stance? Let me know on insta or twitter: @kitkatfisher

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