In a world where masks have surprisingly become one of the most debated topics on social media and in everyday's no surprise that a recent disagreement (along with many others) was posted to social media. One in particular made the rounds from a popular breakfast destination in McCall, Idaho-- the legendary Pancake House.  When I was up in McCall just a month or so ago, there was no way I was leaving town without hitting breakfast there on the way back to Boise--and I know so many other visitors feel the same way.

According to the restaurant, some guests came in declaring they wouldn't be wearing masks--the restaurants policy. It become a tense moment in which the owner of 40-years gave them "the bird" as she wrote on Facebook.

Now, the restaurant has spoke out about how the times we're living in have a lot of people divided- and they're just asking for respect. A simple face mask is all they're asking for as you enter the restaurant. The owner, Bonnie, thanked everyone for understanding where the business is coming from and shared the below post:

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