Remember just days ago when our temps dipped down to like 24 overnight? Yeah, it was that cold. I was shocked. We've got a few days

Last week, Idaho farmers sent machines and workers to help a neighbor who had trouble harvesting his potatoes before a deep freeze set in, according to CNN.

A surprise cold snap was forecast, which could have threatened potatoes still in the ground; area farmers worked around the clock to save their crops. Still, one farmer in Hamer, about 30 miles north of Idaho Falls, needed help and his neighbors formed a convoy of workers and equipment to assist them.

Jason Larson, a farm worker, video-captured the moving convoy and posted the clip on Facebook. He said, "This is a story about helping your neighbors," he said. "This kind of thing goes on every day across America."

Larson estimates that overall, farmers around our area were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of potatoes.

I guess those cold temps weren't just an inconvenience to me in the morning, they also almost wiped out a few hundred thousand in crops.

Peak Idaho is farmers helping farmers save their potatoes. Well done, fellow Idahoans.

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