It was here for a while and seemed to go away. The 'Choking Game' among teens can be fatal and it's making a comeback to the Treasure Valley. Keep an eye on your kids because you'll be able to see if they're doing it. 

The 'Choking Game' is on the rise across the country - including right here in the Treasure Valley.

The choking game involves kids choking each other and breathing rapidly and heavily for almost a minute, or at least until they pass out. Then they wake up triggering an apparent high.

Other than the obvious reasons for not taking part in this dangerous game (bruising around the neck and bloodshot eyes) but it's possible, and has happened, that this child seeking a euphoric experience may not wake up. Ever.

The game is played in groups and peer pressure tends to be what starts it all. If you're a stressball like me, watch for bruising around the neck with no explanation. Look into your child's eyes and see if they have any unexplained broken blood vessels or bloodshot eyes.

If you're ahead of the game and aware, you'll feel a bit more empowered. It's such a hard job anyway. Can I get an amen? It doesn't matter if you just found out that you're pregnant or have had a child for 10 years, it's still full of stress and worry.

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