COVID-19 has put a kink in just about every plan imaginable this year--some have really sucked, like postponed concerts and weddings. Others, well--you don't hear many complaining about. A perfect example of a delay that everyone seemed to be fine with was the Federal Tax Deadline.

Usually due much earlier in the spring, the wave of corruption that COVID-19 made in the economy and personal finances of millions resulted in the IRS moving that deadline back significantly. The new deadline just happens to be tomorrow, July 15th. If you're hoping that the feds will delay this again...don't hold you're breath: taxes are due.

If you're not ready to file or need some more time, there IS an extension available that will get you a new due date of October 15th...but you're still going to need to file a Form 4868 by tomorrow. Then again--if you owe MONEY to the IRS...this extension isn't exempting you from that. Just the filing and paperwork. As always, payment plans will be available, too, if you can't afford the total at once.

Happy Tax Day (almost)!

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