Donating food to kids and families who need it is cheaper than parking downtown. Plus, for every dollar donated, that dollar will be matched. Help The Idaho Foodbank reach "One Million Meals in March". 

In Idaho, 1 in 7 people endure hunger. For each dollar (yes, $1), you can provide 4 meals.

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Each March, the Idaho Foodbank aims to raise one million meals in March. It's something that anyone can do. $10 covers 40 meals. Once I buy a Red Bull, a coffee, a bottle of water and gum I'm at $10. I could have chosen just one of the drinks and refilled my water bottle from the water cooler at work. That would have saved me about $5.

It's truly that easy. That's if you have to cut things out of your spending during the day. Because you can choose any donation amount to help out, it shouldn't impact your day at all. On top of it, the Bank of America will match each dollar donated.

To choose the amount of meals to provide, they've created a chart and a simple one-click option.

  • $10 = 40 meals
  • $25 = 100 meals
  • $50 = $200 meals
  • $100 = 400 meals
  • $250 = 1,000 meals

The goal for the Idaho Foodbank is to raise $250,000 to equal One Million Meals.

Big donors are so appreciated. While each dollar counts, it makes the goal so much easier when a company like WinCo steps in and donates a huge amount. Karen Vauk, the president and CEO of the Idaho Foodbank said, “So we've got 14 pallets that are just loaded with amazing food that we're going to be able to distribute."

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