The fact that this article even had to be written proves the point that, yes, many people require some pointers when it comes to properly pronouncing "Boise."

It's just...Boise. This shouldn't be difficult. Boise, Idaho. People have been saying that since 1864, which means it's been said incorrectly for over 58,000 days. It's so bad we actually did the math.

We've heard it pronounced:

  • Boy-Zee. This is most commonly what you'll run into
  • Bwah-Zee. Not even sure what this is supposed to be
  • Boys. No. Not even close. Now you're just trolling us

It's Boise. Like, "Hey, boy see that there potato?" Boy-See. Boise. It's easy.

But is it easy enough to convince the masses that they're wrong and need correcting? Probably not.

There's always the famous Jewel song that spells it out in plain English:


Not enough? Even a local Boise Barbershop singing group covered the song.



Whatever you do, don't show them this video:


It sounds like the announcer just finshed off a pint of vodka and is trying to yell at his kids. That's not how you say "Boise."

Let's hear some actual real humans say it, shall we?


There you have it. Boy-See. Boise.

Next time you catch someone saying it incorrectly, just steer them in this direction. We'll be like "Boy, see you're not saying it right!"

See what we did there? This plan is totally going to work.

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