Another week of navigating a global heath pandemic is underway and we're all not only finding ways to do our part, but to make sure we're able to make ends meet and remain as stable as possible through all of this. Many in our community are working "as-usual" if not MORE because of this outbreak--this is what they signed up for. They are first responders.

I've been doing my best to make sure I am on top of recognizing local helping local during all of this virus "noise" and yet another locally owned and operated business is taking a step towards helping some of our own. I can't get enough of this sentiment.

Deli George, arguably one of the most popular lunch spots here in Boise, will be offering FREE meals to first responders who drop by in uniform on Tuesday, April 7th. 

A local community donor who has asked to remain anonymous has teamed up with Deli George to make this offer possible and what an awesome way to give back to those who are always first to be there for us-- pandemic or not.

Deli George is located at 220 Broadway Avenue in Boise.


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