Spend absolutely any time here in the Treasure Valley and it won't take long for you to notice just how much folks here LOVE the great outdoors.  It's such an obvious "obsession" with people from our area. I realize that I am the odd man out with how much I love being INDOORS, however even I get out in the summers to soak up some sun, put some miles on some trails, and risk it all on the south fork floating the white water rapids.

Fishing is a huge deal here in the great State of Idaho and if you're looking to dabble, take the kids out, or just take advantage-- THIS Saturday is "Free Fishing Day" across the entire State of Idaho.

Did you know that our great state has over 3,000 miles of rivers running through it. It's easy for us to take things like this for granted because we're surrounded by it. We should remind ourselves, however, that people travel from all around the world--literally--to fish in our state!

This Saturday, we can do so ourselves for free!

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, about 30 MILLION fish are stocked into our rivers, annually, for angers. That's a pretty insane number of fish.

Usually, in order to fish, adults would need a fishing license which is good for the year and costs $30--the same goes for kids ages 14-17 but that only costs $16.

No licenses are needed if you want to try your luck this Saturday, June 12th.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game really have this down to a science and you can see just how many fish are stocked in which areas all across the State of Idaho--from the panhandle to the Parkcenter Pond-- HERE.

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