We did a Facebook poll and asked you what stores and restaurants you would like to see come to Boise.  Here are the most common responses: 


Who doesn’t love low priced, Swedish, stylish furniture?  Plus, you get the added benefit of putting it together yourself using instruction that contain no words, just drawings.  Once you’re finished you always feel more accomplished.  Did I mention they have Swedish meatballs?  The closest IKEA to Boise is in Salt Lake City. 

Credit: Getty Images/Leon Neal


Everyone loves a Double Double Animal Style, but at least for now you have to drive four and a half hours to get one in South Ogden, Utah, the closest In-N-Out Burger to Boise.  There’s been plenty of talk about an opening in Boise, but no action.  Burger Express tried to copy a lot of the In-N-Out ways, but legal action by the real In-N-Out forced them to close. 

Tommaso Boddi / Stringer

At Home 

At Home is a Texas based Home Décor store that has 213 locations in 39 states.  They went public in October and are looking to expand, so that could be good news for Boise.  They plan to open another 400 stores and the Treasure Valley makes a ton of sense. 

The Container Store 

You guessed it, they sell containers, but really, really cool ones.  If you are really into organization or you like the idea of it, you would like the idea of The Container Store coming to Boise.  They are another Texas based company that is in expansion mode.  That could mean Boise or it could mean more locations in some of it’s more successful markets like Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. 


You may have heard of Dunkin’ Donuts, but since the popularity of their coffee, they’ve decided to shorten their name by 50%.  Dunkin; has had a serious growth spirt in the last ten years, expanding to 12,000 locations none of which are in Idaho.  That could change, though.  They plan to add 1,000 more locations outside of the Northeast United States. 

Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images