Boise and Idaho in general is far more ahead than most of the rest of the country when it comes to opening up. Our bars, clubs, and pretty much all entertainment, are open now. So we can legally hang out. Other places aren't like that yet, but still some people here aren't comfortable going out like that.

I've gone to a few backyard gatherings (gathering in the 2020 sense, where it's myself and maybe three other people, spread out super far in chairs around a fire pit), but I haven't tried the front yard vibe yet.

I've seen it though. My neighborhood bar, The Little Dutch Garden, has a house next door that constantly has people just chillin in the front yard. They now have several chairs out in the front yard on the regular because they're constantly hosting front yard hangs.

 The Wall Street Journal says that people have started ditching the backyard and using their front yards to safely hang with people while social distancing.


Now is a better time than ever to have a yard. Whether that's for hosting a get together, or just to enjoy outside time to yourself without having to be around other people, yards, and specifically now front yards, are the new summer 2020 wave.

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